Your donations to Donor's Choose

We can't begin to thank everyone who has bought a Parcel for your generous support. Over the past few weeks we've been getting so many notes, drawings and images from the teachers and students we were able to help through the donations to Donors Choose. To date we've been able to donate $4,480 and have helped over 2,300 students. That's huge, guys!

We just had to share some of these with you. The handwritten notes from the kids are so heartwarming. How can they not make you smile? Just look at those drawings! The music and joy is just exploding from those kiddos. You have made their days.

A huge thank you, as well, to the awesome blogger network who sewed Parcel projects and posted about them. The talent here is outstanding. Their projects are inspiring. These ladies took the patterns in the Parcel and transformed them. Please take a few minutes to check out their blogs and their work:

Shawnta Sews | P comme Plimplim | CailaMade | While she was sleeping | YoSaMi | stitched together | Sew Like My Mom | Marina Bebe | lexi.made | sewVery | Call Ajaire | I Married Superman | Girl like the sea | Stitched Compagnie M. | Buzzmills | floating world | fake it while you make it | Sewing Mama RaeAnna | Our Chez Nous | NeurosesGalore | Behind the Hedgerow | Needle and Ted | Kadiddlehopper | 2 little hooligans | | Siestas & Sewing | So Cal Sewing Mom | lauren dahl | La gang à Nat | Frances Suzanne | Radiant Home Studio | Modern Handmade | A Jennuine Life | It's Always Autumn | lea & lars | I Seam Stressed | So, Zo... What do you know? | Andrea's Notebook | Steph Skardal | Nutta! | Sewpony | Inder Loves Folk Art | Pienkel

Huge thank you to Darice & Matt of Pauselius for partnering with us to make our gorgeous info graphic! They're graciously donated their time and talents and we're so grateful for them. Just more indie artists working together for the greater good. If you need a graphic artist for print or web, check out their work. It will knock your socks off. Plus, they're totally rad.

Please keep sharing your Pattern Parcel projects with us on Kollabora. Tag the Parcel within the 'supply' section.

Without further ado, the winner of the Brother 1034D Serger is Stacy of StacySews. Stacy, you should have an email from us in your inbox. ;)

Don't forget Parcel #3 launches Friday, May 30th at Perfect Pattern Parcel! Mark your calendars.


  1. What a great visual! It's so much fun to see exactly where the donations go :) I can't wait to see what is included in the next Perfect Pattern Parcel!

  2. Wow! This made me tear up a little! I hope that I can afford to buy every PPP because this is reason enough for me to spend money on patterns.

  3. This is so awesome, Jill! Good for you for following your heart with PPP!

  4. That. Is. Awesome!!!!! As a parent of 3 girls in a high poverty school system, this really touches my heart. I'm so happy for those kiddos to be able to enjoy these gifts! Way to go, can't wait to get started helping you out with Parcel #3. Way to go!