Thank You

We're sitting here, trying our hardest to put a heartfelt thanks together that's worthy of the amazing support that you showed Perfect Pattern Parcel this year. We are having trouble finding words that seem strong enough to sum up how amazed we are. So we're going to cheat, copy off our neighbor's test and reprint some quotes from the thank you notes we get from the teachers. They're mailed to us, but really they're for you, our supporters and testers and customers and partners and bloggers and all the people that supported PPP in 2014.

So, without much further ado, here are some quotes from the teachers and 4,391 students that you helped out this year:

Thank you for helping me to be a better teacher for my students.

Ms. Sparrow

Wow, that's a lot of books.
Are those for us?
Can we keep them?

Ms. Sparrow's students

You have made 75 first graders very happy. I am certain that they will always remember how you cared about them and their education.

Mrs. Ruz

My students are very diverse. Some come from challenging backgrounds and they have many obstacles to overcome. Opportunities for exploratory learning are limited. Your support for my classroom allows me to provide these incredible opportunities for these amazing children. From the very bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

Ms. Utter

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I just got the notice that the trip is fully funded as I was crawling into bed - and had to run down to say thank you and share how excited and delighted I am that you have all given so generously so that our students will have this wonderful trip.

Ms. Harp

My students were thrilled when they saw all of the books arriving and couldn't wait to get their hands on them!

Ms. Kachadurian

This gift was so amazing for them to have since so many do not have resources to purchase these items. I have seen a difference in the rate of homework return and parent involvement. I appreciate your commitment to our future!

Mrs. Babb

It's hard to put into words how incredibly thankful I am that you are funding this project. I only wish you were here to hear the shouts of joy from the students when they found out we were getting a lab set of much needed headphones.

Ms. Hobson

We are planning to give out lap quilts over the Christmas holidays to our local nursing home patients. Using the broadcloth sampler of fabric we received the quilts are turning out bright and colorful. I cannot begin to express how thankful we are there are people like yourselves who want to help our students learn about real life skills.

Mrs. Blanks

One student said, "I can't believe someone who does not even know us bought this for us!" All of the students were surprised and humbled by your gift. It is rare for them to get new equipment that does not come from the recycle center.

Ms. Vanegas

My students LOVE their new scissors! Their reaction was priceless.
 "I can finally fit my fingers in the handles!"
"Wow, these cut nice."
"Hey, they are pointy."

Mrs. Hammond and her students

Thank you for helping my students to see science, math, and themselves as a treasure worth investing in. Your support has provided a necessary tool for ensuring our future is full of leaders and a genuine success story.

Ms. Carswell

The sewing machines that you have funded will enable students to create clothing that is both environmentally friendly and cost effective. Sewing motives students to learn through hands-on activities. It teaches them critical thinking, as well as math and problem solving skills. Your donation will help students learn how to express themselves through the art of sewing and that is a gift will last a lifetime.

Ms. Sewell-O'Connell

Thank you for your support and generosity! 2014 Pattern Parcel donations to Donors Choose beat out $20,000 goal!:   width=”750”  target=

Thank you to all the talented seamstresses who participated in our Inspiration Tours:

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Thank you to you all. Sincerely. We hope you have a happy, healthy holiday season and we hope to see you next year!

Danny + Jill

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  1. Thank you for letting me be a part of this amazing project! I can't imagine all the work you two must have to put everything together... You are awesome people!

  2. I haven't seen any pattern parcels come out this year so far. Are there any planned as we head into summer? I love feeling like my sewing pattern hoarding has a purpose and is doing something even when I'm not doing something with them. ;)